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No. 4000 harness

Our standard No. 4 Buggy Harness is made of polypropylene and nylon web with Biothane wears. This harness is available in either a hame or breast-style and with either an overcheck or sidecheck bridle. As a pleasure or training harness, our No. 4 Buggy Harness is lightweight (19 lbs., with hames; 15 lbs. breast-style), is easily cleaned and maintained , and is a comfortable harness for the horse to wear. All traces are slotted, unless you specify chains. Hame-style harnesses come with No. 550 buggy hames, breast-style comes with a fake fur breast pad (available in most colors). Both styles include a snaffle driving bit and your choice of hardware, Biothane lines, and No. 4021 bridle (as described on our Harness Parts page. This harness is available in all colors.

Buggy Harness Order No Pony Horse Draft Ship Wt.
Hame-Style (single) 4000 $492.00 $549.00 $575.00 20 lbs.
Breast-Style 4100 $484.00 $532.00 $555.00 20 lbs.


No. 4100 harness

The following variations and attachments are available for the No. 4 Buggy Harness.
For information on these options, see Optional Attachments and Optional Harness Styles.


Order No. Hame Style: Pony Horse Draft
4050 Double Driving Harness (team) $1030.00 $1104.00 $1134.00
4600 Biothane Buggy Harness (single) $720.00 $785.00 $809.00
4650 Biothane Double Driving (team) $1469.00 $1571.00 $1621.00
400-SS Stainless Steel Heel Chains Option Per Single $40.00 $40.00 $40.00
Order No. Breast Style: Pony Horse Draft
4150 Double Driving Harness (team) $1027.00 $1098.00 $1131.00
4700 Biothane Buggy Harness (single) $687.00 $753.00 $785.00
4750 Biothane Double Driving (team) $1468.00 $1571.00 $1621.00
200-4 Single Cart Attachment (each) $108.00 $114.00 $126.00
Order No. Marathon Style: Pony Horse Draft
4950 Biothane Double Driving Harness (team) $1791.00 $2118.00 $2440.00
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