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Our No. 2 Combination Harness is designed to be an all-purpose heavy use harness. This harness combines the best features of nylon, Biothane, and leather to produce a super tough, durable harness. It is made of all nylon webbing, with Biothane and leather wear pieces. We recommend this harness for farming, logging, and pulling where heavy use is anticipated. The No. 2 Combination Harness wears well under extreme conditions, is lightweight (approximately 35 lbs. each, with hames) and comes with No. 500 hames, bridle, and your choice of hardware, bits (straight or snaffle), and Biothane lines. The single harness includes single cart attachment. Please specify desired color of fake fur pad.

#2 Combination New England D-Ring Style
New England D-Ring Option of the #2 Combination Harness. Photo courtesy of Crown Jewel Resort.
Combination Harness Order No Pony Horse Draft Ship Wt.
Team (set) 2000 $1296.00 $1387.00 $1443.00 80 lbs.
Single (each) 2001 $769.00 $816.00 $845.00 40 lbs.
Stainless Steel Heel Chains Option (Team) 2000 - SS $79.00 $79.00 $79.00  
Stainless Steel Heel Chains Option (Single) 2001 - SS $40.00 $40.00 $40.00  


The following variations and attachments are available for our No. 2 Combination Harness. For information on these options, see Optional Attachments and Optional Harness Styles pages.

Order No. Option Pony Horse Draft
200-2 Single cart attachment (each) $94.00 $100.00 $107.00
250 Yankee Brichen (team)      . . . . same as regular price . . . .
260-2 3-Strap Brichen (team) $141.00 $151.00 $160.00
2100 Logging/Plow Harness (team) $1061.00 $1140.00 $1192.00
2101 Logging/Plow Harness (single) $575.00 $600.00 $631.00
2190 Attachable Brichen Assembly (single) $193.00 $213.00 $220.00
2200 Sidebacker Harness (team) $1303.00 $1386.00 $1392.00
2300 New England "D" Ring Harness (team) $1509.00 $1621.00 $1693.00
  D-Ring Harness DVD, Les Barden  The purpose of this DVD is to present a detailed explanation of the D-Ring harness, offering only reliable and proven fact that are substantiated with dramatic illustrations. Les Barden brings over 80 years of experience driving draft horses put to a wide variety of farming and logging implements. His appreciation of the D-ring harness goes back to the 1930's when he first experienced the relief which this harness afforded the horse while pulling heavy tongued vehicles. 40 minute DVD $29.95 $29.95 $29.95
5000 No. 5 Logging/Pulling Harness (team)   $1748.00 $1853.00
5001 No. 5 Logging/Pulling Harness (single)   $1010.00 $1061.00
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