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If you are looking for a competitive show harness, you won't beat the price and quality of our No. 6 Fancy Show Harness. It is made of Biothane web, backed with polypropylene. Black patent leather and some regular leather backing are used on certain parts. Polypropylene backed Biothane straps provide a shiny and attractive appearance and have the necessary rigidity to conform well to your horse. This harness comes with your choice of hardware, Buxton or Elbow bit, Biothane lines, and decorations (hearts, shields, or diamonds, horse head or half moon brasses). Hames and collar housings are priced separately. For show hames see our Hames page; for collar housings, see our Collars page.                                                 

Shown at left and below a custom #6000 Breaststyle show harness.


Order No. Fancy Show Harnesss Pony Horse Draft
6000 Wheel team (set) $3173.00 $3374.00 $3571.00
6010 Single (each) $1789.00 $1937.00 $2033.00
6100 Swing team (set) $2920.00 $3083.00 $3244.00
6200 Lead team (set) $2846.00 $3011.00 $3140.00
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