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Harness Construction

Our harnesses are available in a combination of polypropylene, nylon, and Biothane webbing. The three types of webbing and their applications are:

Polypropylene Web

webbingPolypropylene is a by-product of the oil industry. It begins in pre-colored chip form, and then is melted down, spun into thread, and woven into webbing. Polypropylene webs are color-fast and have a tensile strength of 700 lbs. per inch of width. Several of our harness designs use primarily polypropylene, as it is lightweight, versatile, and inexpensive. We have found that multiple layers stitched together provide sufficient strength.

Nylon Web

webbingNylon webbing is used as the primary webbing in our No. 2 Combination Harness, as well as for all harness parts requiring extra strength. The tensile strength of the nylon we use ranges from 850 to 2,000 lbs. per inch of width. Parts constructed out of nylon webbing generally include hame and quarter straps, nylon/leather style lines, and most bridle parts.

Biothane Web

webbingBiothane webbing consists of plastic coated nylon with a shiny finish that resembles patent leather. It has a slight rubbery texture, making it a popular material for lines. Biothane webbing is similar in rigidity to leather, but remains flexible in cold weather. Bio therefore produces a sturdy harness that is heavier than nylon/polypropylene harness. The tensile strength of Biothane webbing is 2,000 lbs. per inch of width, making it ideal for heavy-duty traces and super tough harness parts. Biothane webbing is more expensive than the other webs, but makes a strong, elegant harness that is easy to clean and wears well.


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eyeletAll our harnesses come with solid brass or nickeled brass eyelets. Eyelets add to both the strength and the overall attractiveness of the harness.

Extra Wears

BioThane wearsWe sew Biothane wears under certain pieces of hardware to prevent the hardware from chafing the horse. We also add extra layers of webbing around each piece of hardware to minimize the wear of the webbing.


All our harnesses are made with solid brass or nickeled-and-chromed brass hardware, increasing the life of the webbing and of the harness. Non-rusting hardware must be used with nylon, polypropylene, and Biothane webbing to prevent deterioration of the webbing at the hardware. Stainless steel hardware is available for an additional cost.

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