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The following options are available in the harness types indicated. Please add the option price to the base price of the harness you choose.

Single Cart Attachments

Our Single Cart Attachment adds to the versatility of team harnesses in No. 1 Farm style, No. 2 Combination style, and No. 3 Parade style. The single cart attachment consists of two market straps / shaft loops, two holdback straps and a 1" thick fake fur back pad. The No. 4 Double Driving Buggy Harnesses exclude the fake fur pad and include a double buckle belly band. These straps and pad transform the harness of a team set into a single horse cart harness. The adaption is quick, inexpensive, and convenient. Fluffy fake-fur pads are available in Red, Blue, Green, Black, Silver. Other colors available by special order.
Order No. Single Cart Attachment Pony Horse Draft
200-1 Farm Harness (each) $83.00 $91.00 $94.00
200-2 Combination Harness (each) $94.00 $101.00 $107.00
200-3 Parade Harness (each) $101.00 $107.00 $109.00
200-4 Buggy Harness (each) $109.00 $114.00 $125.00


Spotting trims your harness with round silver or gold colored metal decorations. Our No. 3 Parade Harness comes standard with heavy spotting. Other harness styles may be trimmed with heavy or medium spotting.
Heavy spotting #220: Spots on blinders, blinder stays, brow, nose, back pad, back straps, billet wears, lazy straps, upper hip straps, and brichen seat.
Medium spotting #210: Spots on blinders, brow band, back pad, upper hip straps, and lazy straps.
Order No. Spotting Pony Horse Draft
210 Medium (per set) $118.00 $125.00 $125.00
220 Heavy (per set) $164.00 $200.00 $200.00

Yankee Brichen

All our harnesses are available in a Yankee-style brichen. The Yankee brichen harnesses come with a crupper and crupper fork sewn onto a round trace carrier on top of the rump and a 2" to 3" wide brichen seat that passes up and over the hips, right above the tail. The advantage of the Yankee brichen is that the weight of the load when the horse is backing pushes down on the horse's rump. This provides better traction than the box-type brichen, which tends to push the horse forward.
No. 250- Yankee brichen—No additional charge
Yankee brichen

3-Strap Brichen

The 3-strap brichen option includes a leather and Biothane upper hip strap with a trace carrier, and three lower hip straps per side, with Conway adjustments. This option is available for the No. 1 Farm Harness and No. 2 Combination Harness.

Order No. No.3-Strap Brichen Pony Horse Draft
260-1 No. 1 Farm Team Harness $123.00 $132.00 $141.00
260-2 No. 2 Combination Single Harness $141.00 $151.00 $160.00
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