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Logging/Plow Harness

Our Logging/Plow Harness is available as an optional design for our No. 1 Farm Harness and our No. 2 Combination Harness. It is similar in design and construction to these styles, but comes without the brichen and holdback assembly and with a crupper and long lazy straps. This harness is designed for folks who need a lightweight harness for skidding, dragging, or plowing. If you do not use your horses on free-moving equipment, or you prefer a versatile harness with a removable brichen, consider this harness. The Logging/Plow Harness comes with No. 500 hames, bridle, and your choice of hardware, bits (straight or snaffle), and Biothane lines.

  Logging Harness


Shown at left is a custom designed
#1 Farm Harness modified with logging
 belly band and traces.

 Sidebacker Harness

Sidebacker HarnessOur Sidebacker Harness is an optional design for our No. 1 Farm Harness, No. 2 Combination Harness, and No. 3 Parade Harness. This style includes two 1 1/2" sidebacker straps, jack strap snaps, and neck straps replacing the quarter strap, pole strap, and breast strap on the standard design. The sidebacker straps attach to the neck yoke with jack straps. The Sidebacker Harness comes with hames, bridle, and your choice of hardware, bits (straight or snaffle), and Biothane lines.

New England "D"-Ring Harness

New England D HarnessOur New England "D"-Ring style harness is an option for our No. 1 Farm Harness and No. 2 Combination Harness. Overall this popular design is a quite clever. The quarter strap, pole strap, and breast strap are replaced by two back and front sidebacker straps with jack strap snaps and neck straps. The New England "D"-Ring Harness is especially well suited for loose or heavy-tongued implements. The sidebacker straps are pulled tight, creating tension between the neck yoke and evener. The unique feature of this harness is that the brichen remains free from pressure, while allowing some of the tongue weight to be transferred to the back pad, even while the horses are held tightly in place by the traces and front sidebacker straps.You will need a jockey type neck yoke to use this harness.

Double Driving Harness

This set of team driving harness comes complete with two No. 4 Buggy Harnesses (either 4000 hame-style or 4100 breast-style), less the shaft loops, market straps, and hold back straps. A regular 2-buckle belly band replaces the 4-buckle single driving belly band, and the set includes quarter straps, pole straps, breast straps, and check lines. This set of harness is well suited for light or pleasure driving. A single cart attachment is available to convert either style back into a single buggy harness. Double Driving Harnesses are available with you choice of hardware, Biothane lines, and No. 4021 or No. 4121 bridles (see Harness Parts page). This harness is available in all colors.

Biothane Harness Option

Our No. 1 Farm Harness, No. 3 Parade Harness, and No. 4 Buggy Harness are available in Biothane webbing. The shiny finish on the Biothane provides an attractive appearance, while the strength and flexibility add to the comfort and durability of these harnesses. The standard color for this harness is black; please ask us about additional colors.

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