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parade bridleOur No. 3 Parade Harness is fashioned to give your horse a colorful flare for parades, hayrides, and exhibitions. If you are looking for an attractive, well built, attention getting harness for a reasonable price, this is the harness for you. It is available in all colors (see color chart on our Harness Construction page) and comes with black Biothane wears and safes, solid brass or nickeled-and-chromed brass hardware, parade harnessspots, and eyelets. Added features include leather square or round blinds; a 5" wide neoprene backed back pad, brichen, and belly band; three-strap brichen, face-piece; hip-drops; a crupper and lots of spots. No. 500 hames, bridle, choice of bits (straight or snaffle) Biothane lines are included. The single harness includes single cart attachment. Please specify desired color of fake fur pad.

Parade Harness Order No Pony Horse Draft Ship Wt.
Team (set) 3000 $1524.00 $1590.00 $1621.00 70 lbs.
Single (each) 3001 $915.00 $954.00 $979.00 40 lbs.
Stainless Steel Heel Chains Option (Team) 3000-SS $80.00 $80.00 $80.00  
Stainless Steel Heel Chains Option (Single) 3001-SS $40.00 $40.00 $40.00  


The following variations and attachments are available for our No. 3 Parade Harness. For information on these options, see the Optional Attachments and Optional Harness Styles pages. For information on spreaders and hip drops, see the Bits & Parts page.

Order No. Option Pony Horse Draft
200-3 Single cart attachment $118.00 $125.00 $128.00
250 Yankee Brichen (team)       . . . . same as regular price. . . .
3200 Sidebacker Harness (team) $1524.00 $1590.00 $1621.00
3600 Biothane Parade Harness (team) $1855.00 $1953.00 $2035.00
3601 Biothane Parade Harness (single) $1104.00 $1140.00 $1205.00
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